Sunday, September 21, 2008


The damaged K & Company Fall Harvest and Halloween Whimsy has been replaced.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do you have a little one

who just can't get enough of High School Musical and Hannah Montana? Papers and stickers are here just for you! Sandylion has released papers and stickers to capture all your family memories surrounding these two HUGE Disney favorites.
High School Musical Clear Sticker Sheet

High School Musical Cardstock Sticker Sheet

High School Musical 12x12 Paper 1

High School Musical 12x12 Paper 2

Hannah Montana Cardstock Sticker Sheet

Hannah Montana Clear Sticker Sheet

Hannah Montana Guitar Swirl 12x12 Paper

Hannah Montana Guitar Pop Star 12x12 Paper

Stamping Station New State Papers

are here! These papers are a great way to scrapbook all the fun places your family visits and maybe has lived in! Below are a few of our favorite places to visit to give you an idea of what these papers offer. Florida

North Carolina


South Carolina

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have to apologize...I was so excited about being nominated for Fox 8's Hot List that I didn't realize that due to our location we are in the Akron/Canton location. Voting for this area is done in the spring! So save your votes and watch for news of this exciting event in the spring. You can still check out our listing and write a reveiw or take advantage of our special offer. again for all your support!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We've Made the HOT LIST!

Check it out! We have been nominated as a favorite on Fox Channel 8's HOT LIST! This is definitely exciting for us. Check out our listing and voting starts Monday, September 15, 2008. Help make us a winner.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Best Creations, Inc

glitter paper is AWESOME! The papers are flying off the shelves but here are the few we have left.Beach 143

Beach 144

Fall 074

Football 117

Patriotic 104

Patriotic 105

Shamrocks 127 (Perfect for the Cloverleafs)

Track 119

Tropical 071

Wedding 010

Winter 079

Winter 082

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Congratulations Robin! / Reminisce Design Team

Congratulations to Robin Madak the winner of our $25.00 gift certificate. She didn't waste any time coming in and using it towards the purchase of Reminisce's Making the Grade collection. She loves Reminisce and had heard the news...they are looking to add to their Design Team. Check out their blog to get the details. Design teams are a great opportunity and even better if they are one of your favorite companies. Members usually get lots of goodies for FREE and are sometimes even compensated for your work. Good luck Robin and congratulations again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


The winner of the $25.00 gift certificate is...The Madaks! Send me your address and I will get your gift certificate sent out! Congratulations!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Reminisce Frosted

Frosted Snowflake Rub-On Transfer

Frosted Phrase Rub-On Transfer

Frosted Snowflake Glitter Sticker Sheet

Frosted Quote Glitter Sticker Sheet

Frosted Icon Glitter Sticker Sheet

Frosted 12x12 Glitter Sticker Sheet

Frosty Dots Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Frosty Snow Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Frosty Stripes Double-sided 12x12 Paper
Polar Frost 12x12 Glitter Paper
Frosty 12x12 Glitter Paper

Frosted Window 12x12 Glitter Paper

Frosted Over 12x12 Glitter Paper

Frosted Flakes 12x12 Glitter Paper

Arctic Frost 12x12 Glitter Paper


On the previous post, I accidentally deleted the Senior Paper before publishing. To see the coordinating stickers, please look at the Reminisce Making the Grade post and scroll down to the bottom!

Reminisce Making the Grade

Apple Rub-On
Paint Splat Rub-On

School Icon Rub-On

12x12 Splatter Sticker Sheet
12x12 Alphabet Sticker Sheet
12x12 Journal Sticker Sheet
12x12 Grade School Sticker Sheet
12x12 High School Sticker Sheet
Preschool Sticker Sheet

Preschool 3D Sticker Sheet
Preschool Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Kindergarten Sticker Sheet

Kindergarten 3D Sticker Sheet
Kindergarten Double-sided 12x12 Paper

1st Grade Sticker Sheet

1st Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
1st Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

2nd Grade Sticker Sheet

2nd Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
2nd Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

3rd Grade Sticker Sheet

3rd Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
3rd Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

4th Grade Sticker Sheet

4th Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
4th Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

5th Grade Sticker Sheet

5th Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
5th Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

6th Grade Sticker Sheet

6th Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
6th Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

7th Grade Sticker Sheet

7th Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
7th Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

8th Grade Sticker Sheet

8th Grade 3D Sticker Sheet
8th Grade Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Freshman Sticker Sheet

Freshman 3D Sticker Sheet
Freshman Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Sophomore Sticker Sheet

Sophomore 3D Sticker Sheet
Sophomore Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Junior Sticker Sheet
Junior 3D Sticker Sheet
Junior Double-sided 12x12 Paper

Senior Sticker Sheet
Senior 3D Sticker Sheet
Senior Double-sided 12x12 Paper