Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calendar for Christmas!

I have been working on this calendar for my hubby for Christmas. I used the Pine Cone Press 5x7 Hanging calendar and their 2009 calendar stickers. Easy Smeasy!! (is that a word?) I also used Karen Foster Month papers. When you turn it around it will have July-December...I am still working on these. This calendar didn't take much time so far and can be embellished as little as you would like. I decided to go with a picture, calendar and then 3 embellishments to the side of the calendar. I also have it layed out so every other month is different....January picture is on the left, calendar on the right. February is the opposite...Picture on the right, calendar on the left. This way it has a continuity to it and is eye pleasing. Hope you enjoy looking and get some great ideas. The hanging calendar is $7.99. The mini 2009 stickers are $2.29. We have a few kits with both for $9.99.

We will be posting more layouts soon!

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Sheila said...

I love your store....sheila